Inaugural Returning Fifth Programme

Returning fifth year students from the Ellerslie School recently graduated from the inaugural programme- “Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Challenges.”

As a school, we are mindful of increasing incidents of negativity among teenagers that have pervaded the media. We are cognizant that today’s youth, while possessing some academic qualification, lack the necessary social skills needed to function in the working environment and at the tertiary level. This dearth of competences will undoubtedly affect their lives as they seek jobs and places in institutions of higher learning.

This programme was conceptualised to address such concerns, and was designed to enrich the lives of these students by better preparing them for life after school, as well as assisting them in their job search. The course took a holistic approach and was quite comprehensive, preparing students not only for the world of business, but for life in general.

Mrs. Sandra Griffith-Carrington, Marketing and Communications Officer at UWI Open Campus, graciously accepted the offer to execute the programme, and did so capably; we  thank her principal, Dr. Luz Longsworth, for granting her leave to do so.

There were six topics which were addressed throughout this period- Presenting Yourself Properly, Effective Communication, Dealing With Difficult People, Etiquette (Social, Dining and Business), Resume Preparation, and The Interview Process.

These sessions have made a very positive impact on the young people present. This is recognisable in their amended manner of speaking, the improvement in dress, and general conduct.

It is recommended that such a programme be formally introduced in secondary schools in Barbados. Our children need opportunities such as these, since the home is no longer the training ground for etiquette and deportment.