As students prepare to be taught online, here are a few reminders:

The email address for the student is: firstnamelastname.yearof

For example the John Brown whose year of birth is 2006, his email address will be:

The default password is: Ellerslie

If the student has forgotten his/her password kindly email for assistance

If students are using tablets, smart phones or other smart devices, they will need to download:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Form
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Meet

For personal devices students will have to add their school account to the device to gain access

  • In the Classroom app
  • Look in the upper left hand corner, you will see the email account that you are currently using
  • Click on this
  • Click Add account
  • Select Google
  • Enter school email and password
  • When you go back, make sure that you are using the school’s email by checking in the upper left hand corner