To provide a secure, structured and innovative environment which empowers staff and students to maximise their potential to develop into responsible, creative, caring members of our changing society.


In support of our mission we are committed to:

  • providing all students with an appropriate mix of extra- curricular and co-curricular experiences that create in them a sense of self-worth and respect for people and property and ensure opportunities for the development of problem solving skills for life.


  • establishing a reputation of being a quality educational institution by implementing dynamic approaches in the delivery of programmes which teach skills, develop talents and inculcate positive values and attitudes.


  • ensuring a caring, disciplined, stimulating environment by providing challenges, incentives and rewards for all staff and students.
  • facilitating personal and professional development for all staff while fostering good interpersonal relations through effective communication processes.


  • involving the Board of Management, PTA, Alumni and community at all stages of planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes and development of the institution.




Educational Excellence – success through professionalism



Our shared vision is the development of a school that will cultivate in its staff and students, a desire to pursue excellence as provided in a learning environment that is safe, stimulating,  positive, respectful, inclusive  and welcoming.



The core values of the school underpin its existence; they are what we at Ellerslie stand for.  Every interaction with a student will reinforce the value of:


  • A – Academic & Vocational success
  • S – Self Confidence
  • P – Productivity
  • I – Inspirational activities
  • R – Rational and Creative thinking
  • E – Enthusiasm